Understanding the Process of Fat Utilization

The process of fat utilization is the process by which the body utilizes dietary fats as well as fats stored in the body.

Need to Understand the Process of Fat Utilization

Fat utilization process produces important effects for the body and its implications are wide ranging. And a thorough understanding of the process is essential to optimize the process for maximum benefits.

Importance of Fat Utilization

The body utilizes fats for a variety of important reasons detailed below

  • as a source of energy
  • as a carrier for important nutrients such as certain fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins E and K. These vitamins are essential for optimal health.
  • as the first step for formation of important compounds called HDL cholesterol, which are essential for optimal heart health.

The Implications of Fat Utilization Process

When the body utilizes fat, all the above important effects occur. Additionally, as excess fats in the body are burned, it promotes overall good health by increasing efficiencies of all organs. And fat utilization causes fat loss leading to sustainable and long term weight loss results.

The Process of Fat Utilization

First the dietary fats are broken down into the simplest fat molecules – triglycerides and fatty acids.

Next in the process of lipolysis the triglycerides are broken down into glycerol and free fatty acid. Glycerol is circulated back into the liver via the blood stream and the free fatty acids, on oxidation will provide energy.

But here is the catch

In the normal course, the body will not break down the free fatty acid. Carbohydrates are the body’s preferred fuel source. So the excess fatty acids from the blood stream get deposited in specialized cells (called adipose cells) throughout the body, increasing your stored fat levels and your body weight.

Tips to Optimizing the Fat Utilization Process

  • Decrease dietary carbohydrates

When carbohydrates are not available, fatty acids are broken down by the body for energy, optimizing the fat utilization process.

  • Increase Intake of Water

This has an indirect but important effect on fat utilization. When water quantity is inadequate, it compromises the kidney’s ability to eliminate waste from the body. By default, the liver takes on the additional responsibility, which in turn compromises its own ability to metabolize and utilize fats.

  • Focus on Muscle Building Exercises

The muscular tissues have some fat storing cells. When you initiate muscle building exercises, the fatty acid is released from these cells and utilized during the course of exercise to provide energy.

  • Include Aerobic Exercises in your Routine

Aerobic forms of exercises such as walking, running swimming, increase the oxygen availability in your body. And as it is during exercise, the body’s energy demands are high. In the presence of oxygen, the body prefers to meet its increased energy requirements utilizing fats rather than carbohydrates. Thus aerobic exercise optimizes fat utilization process.

Benefits of Optimizing the Fat Utilization Process

  • Reduction in the body’s stored fats that promotes overall good health.
  • Greater availability of fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins E and K
  • Increased production of cardio-protective HDL cholesterol
  • Reduction in blood levels of harmful triglycerides.


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